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Featured Titles

The Witches of Hant Hollow 1
Jonathan’s Curse

Wickedly thrilling fast-paced tale of a family of witches’ power struggles over light and dark magic, and how one mortal man gets caught in the crosshairs of the feud causing upheaval in not only Jasmine’s love life but rife within the American Mage Alliance.

Witches of Hant Hollow 2
Gate Keepers

New Release

The Doanhart Coven bond weakens after losing two of its members. Lavender believes her mother is still alive and searches for clues when an ancient text opens the door to possibilities. She and Max Dupres travels to France to view the scroll held by St. Lucians regarding to their origins. The Gate Keepers hold the keys to unlock the mysteries. Will she and Max survive their quest or fall victim to the answers?

The Witches of Hant Hollow 3 Frostville
New Release

Prepare for an emotional ride—a love story that will create legends.

The Doanharts ancestors hail from the seven sisters of Pleiades. Centuries ago, they fled King Valdoor’s tyranny, sought refuge with the first witches, and created a realm tethered to earth, called the Waytherlands. 

The battle for control of the Pleiades raged on until Queen Octavia allied with the Black Flame Fae, and they drove Valdoor into exile. In return, he vowed to destroy the queen, the Doanhart Coven, and any magical being who fights for the Mage Alliance. 

Aster Doanhart is a gifted warrior and teacher. Her magical talents include the ability to absorb other beings’ supernatural powers. She accidentally bumps into Judson McKay in the charmed city of Wooddale, triggering an immediate mate reaction that sets into motion the plans for an epic battle in Frostville, Valdoor’s new realm.

A simple knock on the door changed Judson McKay’s life. Until that fateful day, he’d lived his life as a mortal. But Judson McKay is no mortal. He is Aster’s champion and must risk his life to save her. Judson may be the only one to unite the realms, the only one to save the Doanharts bloodline.

The Witches of Hant Hollow 3 embarks on a fast-paced fantasy adventure to restore the magical balance between Dark and Light forces by USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones.

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Angel Watcher

Angel Watcher Audio Book

New Beginnings require sacrifice.

The tremors faint, but grew stronger, releasing a swarm of quakes when a cataclysmic supervolcano erupts in North America, killing one hundred thousand souls instantly.

Summer turns into the long winter lasting more than a decade. Food shortages result in widespread famine. Humanity hadn’t fared well. Looting and riots killed more humans than even The Creator predicted.

The Angel Watcher, Kaduntz, had been unable to stop humanity’s demise, leaving her heartbroken.

The Angel of Destruction releases the four horsemen.

The age-old prophecies come to fruition.

Decades later, Kaduntz searches for human survivors rumored to live on Campbell Ridge.

The moment she locks eyes with the angel hybrid, her world turns upside down.

The touch of his hand sends a jolt of electricity through her whole being, releasing an wonderful scent, reminding her of long ago memories.

Who and what did he want with her?

Cord Jackson protects the species remaining on Campbell Ridge.

He recognizes her at once from his dreams. His clan sing songs about the leader of the Angel Watchers, Kaduntz.

The pairing link initiates by the touch of her hand.

Could this legend be his partner for all eternity?

Could Kaduntz even love a hybrid?

Spinning Time, a time travel romance 

1948 Southern debutante, Julia Boatwright has everything a twenty-one-year-old desires, a wealthy family, close friends, and a handsome fiancé until she plunges into the deep pools of Burkett Falls trapped in a natural time portal that spins her seventy years into the future. Will Julia find a way home before it’s too late?


The Ditch Lane Diaries Collection

A mesmerizing and mystical tale of the three lifelong best friends on a supernatural journey guided by guardian angels in a power struggle between unseen good and evil forces.

Ruby’s Choice (Ditch Lane Diaries 1) 

While in college, Ruby falls in love with Reed and Brent, but senses something amiss and quickly learns of a game the two intends to play. Ruby isn’t a pawn and turns the table on them. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love.

Anna’s Way (Ditch Lane Diaries 2) 

Anna is a healer and chooses to pursue her divine calling of becoming a doctor receiving a full scholarship for medical school away from home, and the one she loves, Jerry. Their tumultuous yet passionate love story creates emotional tension and the reader roots for their reunion while Anna faces supernatural forces in a six thousand year angelic war.

Sandy’s Story (Ditch Lane Diaries 3)

Investigative reporter, Sandy Cothran follows a murder lead on Music Row which uncovers Luc’s Testament along with a string of related crimes with the help of her guardian angel, Baldric. Baldric is falling in love with Sandy breaking the rules of heaven and places her in danger because Luc is waiting in the wings to pounce at his given moment.

Lee’s Lesson (Ditch Lane Diaries 4)

Love, life, and souls are on the line at Sacred Heights Sanatorium, a place controlled by Luc’s Army of The Fallen.

Backed by the opposing Angel Armed Forces, Lee breaches Luc’s stronghold and unleashes an epic battle. She risks everything, including her soul, to save one of her own.

Will Lee succeed—or succumb to the pits of Hell?

Happily Ever After, Again

Who killed Bratten?

Lauren desperately seeks to find the love of her life’s killer in this gripping murder suspense with twists and unexpecting turns.

Bratten’s murder leaves Lauren grief-stricken while questioning motives of his partner, assistant, and his best friend.

Against Ever-After protocol, Bratten’s ghost appears in an effort to help Lauren solve his murder, but places her in danger.

Will Lauren live Happily Ever After, Again?

‘Tis the Season of the heart! 

Baking cookies, trimming the tree and falling in love with sprinkles of Christmas magic in a collection of sweet romance novelettes.

‘Tis the Season hits the spot with heartfelt romances for readers looking for a light and sweet holiday read.

Small Town Rural, Magical Midnight Rides, and First Kisses bringing joy, happiness, and unforgettable romance with this group of talented authors.

Antique Mirror
(a Halloween Short Story)

Victoria is a budding artist who buys an old farm to renovate the old cabin and barn for her home and art gallery. Days after moving in, the antique mirror left from the previous owners reveals a man trapped inside for nearly one hundred years. All Hallows’ Eve is the open night in each year that opens a window to end his curse.

Shifting Magic

Solving past life issues results in changing time events that may create rippling effects in the future. 

Soul Love by USA Today bestselling author, D.F. Jones is exclusively available with Shifting Magic Anthology. Releases August 23


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