People ask me questions frequently on how I started writing. The questions range from why did you choose self-publishing versus traditional? How do you market your books and most often how much money I make? 


My ad agency, Jones Media, is celebrating nineteen years. My skills and expert experience in advertising and marketing give me a leg up into an evolving book industry. 


The book industry is changing. You no longer have to shelf your manuscript. Writers today have many options. My writing journey evolves daily. The more you do something, the better you become, and that is no different with writing if you’re willing to put in your due diligence. 


I’m currently booking speaking engagements for Middle Tennessee. I love writing and love to talk about my experiences. 


If your club or organization is looking for guest speakers, feel free to send me a message for available dates and times. 


May love light the way!


Dawn F. Jones


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