📚 Exciting News! Dive into the captivating world of cosmic love, myths, and adventure with “Twisting Time: Forbidden City of Gold” by USA Today Bestselling author D.F. Jones. 🌌✨

Join Blaine, Josephine, George, and Rose, a group of college students, as they are thrust into a secret society promising unimaginable powers and the answers to life’s mysteries. 📖🔮

Their mission: retrieve a sacred amulet and deliver it to the Almighty. But to succeed, they must journey into the mythical Forbidden City of Gold, facing ancient mysteries and portals to other times. Every choice they make could change the course of history. ⏳🌟

Meanwhile, a sinister plot unfolds as Persephone, a lesser god, seeks the same amulet to rewrite history and escape an unwanted marriage to Hades. The fate of humanity and the world hangs in the balance in this epic clash of divine forces and the struggle between good and evil. 🌍🔥

Get ready for a heart-pounding, emotion-imbued fantasy thriller like no other. “Twisting Time: Forbidden City of Gold” will leave you on the edge of your seat, craving for more! 📚❤️ #TwistingTime #FantasyNovel #MustRead


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The Witches of Hant Hollow 1

Jonathan’s Curse

Step into the enchanting world of Hant Hollow from the imaginative mind of D.F. Jones, the USA Today bestselling author. The Doanhart Coven, a spirited group of witches, embarks on an extraordinary quest to restore the delicate balance between dark and light magic. But their path is strewn with formidable obstacles, not least of which is the unrelenting discrimination faced by mortals. Brace yourself for an exhilarating and heart-stirring journey that will leave you spellbound!
At the heart of this captivating tale stands Iris, the charismatic matriarch of the Doanhart Coven. When tragedy strikes, and two of her cherished family members are tragically taken from her, Iris finds herself plunged into a realm of darkness, making choices that reverberate through the pages of all three books. Prepare to be awestruck as Iris’s breathtaking story unfolds, spanning a century and showcasing her indomitable lineage.

In the enthralling first installment, “Jonathan’s Curse,” immortals and humans collide, weaving a tapestry of challenges to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here, we encounter the illustrious Mage Alliance, a mesmerizing ensemble of supernatural beings. But when a mortal man shatters Iris’s heart, she vows to exact her revenge, enacting strict rules that forbid any association with humans. Yet, her rebellious granddaughter, Jasmine, dares to defy these rules, triggering an epic battle between forces of good and evil. The question looms: Who shall emerge victorious when the dust settles?
With the perfect blend of humor, emotion, tension, and suspense, “The Witches of Hant Hollow 1: Jonathan’s Curse” promises an enthralling and romantic fantasy adventure that will sweep you off your feet. Get ready to be transported to a world where magic is as tangible as the beating of your heart and where love and fate collide in the most breathtaking ways.

This book is perfect for fans of YA fantasy, where witches and wizards reign supreme, and time travel romance sends tingles down your spine. Immerse yourself in the vivid and compelling tapestry of “The Witches of Hant Hollow 1: Jonathan’s Curse,” and join the legion of readers whose souls have been forever touched by this remarkable tale.
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The Witches of Hant Hollow 2

Gate Keepers

The thrilling second installment of The Witches of Hant Hollow Trilogy: Gate Keepers comes from the imaginative mind of D.F. Jones, the USA Today bestselling author. Brace yourself for a wild ride through magical realms as Lavender Doanhart, a spirited witch, embarks on a quest to save her family and find her missing mother.

Lavender’s enchanting life takes an unexpected turn on Halloween night when an ancient family feud unleashes supernatural chaos upon her family’s ancestral home in Hant Hollow. As the forces of light and darkness collide, Lavender’s sorceress grandmother and mother are pulled into the treacherous underworld. Driven by her unwavering belief that her mother is still alive, Lavender is willing to go to any length, even sacrificing her own soul, to bring her back.

Enter Commander Brody Whitmore, a dashing and determined member of the Mage Alliance’s military elite. Rising through the ranks, Brody has become the regent’s trusted right hand. Little did he know that his path would intertwine with that of a stubborn and headstrong witch who would capture his heart and soul. Brody and Lavender were inseparable for over a century until fate intervened on the night he planned to propose. Now, with Hant Hollow plunged into a battle between Light and Dark, Lavender decides to end their relationship in an attempt to protect Brody. But he refuses to let her face the danger alone, standing by her side even if it means defying her wishes.

In this gripping tale, magic, romance, and time travel converge, testing the limits of Lavender and Brody’s love and loyalty. As they navigate otherworldly realms and face perilous challenges, humor and emotion blend seamlessly, drawing readers deeper into a world teeming with tension and suspense.

Will Lavender’s determination be enough to rescue her mother and reunite her family? Can Brody and Lavender’s love survive the ultimate test?

Prepare to be captivated by the vivid and compelling imagery and join the ranks of fantasy adventure romance readers who will undoubtedly respond excitedly to this spellbinding adventure. The Witches of Hant Hollow 2: Gate Keepers is an unputdownable journey that will leave you yearning for more.

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The Witches of Hant Hollow 3


Get ready for an enchanting roller coaster ride through D.F. Jones’ sensational trilogy, The Witches of Hant Hollow. Brace yourself for the spellbinding conclusion in “Frostville” – a breathtaking love story that will weave into the tapestry of legends.

Deep in the mystical roots of the Doanhart Coven lies a lineage tracing back to the seven sisters of Pleiades. Escaping the clutches of the tyrannical King Valdoor, these powerful witches sought solace with the first of their kind and crafted a realm known as the Waytherlands, a place tethered to our world.

The battle for dominion over the Pleiades has raged for centuries, but when Queen Octavia allies with the formidable Black Flame Fae, they banish Valdoor into exile. Yet, his thirst for revenge knows no bounds. Sworn to annihilate the queen, the Doanhart Coven, and every magical being aligned with the Mage Alliance, Valdoor plots his treacherous return.

Enter Aster Doanhart, a captivating warrior and a revered teacher gifted with extraordinary powers that allow her to absorb the supernatural abilities of others. In the charming city of Wooddale, her path collides with that of Judson McKay, a seemingly ordinary mortal whose life takes an extraordinary turn when he meets Aster. Their encounter triggers an undeniable bond, setting in motion a chain of events leading to an epic battle in Frostville, Valdoor’s newfound realm.

For Judson McKay, an unsuspecting knock on the door is all it takes to alter the course of his existence forever. Unbeknownst to him, he is Aster’s champion, destined to risk his life to save her and unite the realms. Judson may prove to be their only hope as the fate of the Doanhart bloodline hangs in the balance.

Embarking on a breakneck journey, The Witches of Hant Hollow 3 takes you on a wild fantasy adventure where the delicate balance between Dark and Light must be restored. As you delve into this otherworldly tale, prepare to be captivated by a world of love, betrayal, acceptance, and forgiveness. With humor and heart, tension, and suspense, immerse yourself in a vivid and compelling tapestry that will leave you breathless for more.

Perfect for readers who crave the thrill of fantasy adventure romance, The Witches of Hant Hollow 3 will bewitch your imagination and kindle your emotions, ensuring a deeply satisfying reading experience. Discover the power of this extraordinary tale, where good battles evil, and the bonds of love transcend time itself.
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Spinning Time

(a time travel romance)

Read in Kindle Unlimited!

🌠 **Embark on a Time-Traversing Adventure with Spinning Time: A Time Travel Romance! ** 🌠
🕰️ **A Journey Across Ages…**
Fans of The Age of Adaline and The Time Traveler’s Wife will find themselves enraptured by D.F. Jones’s masterful tale Spinning Time: A Time Travel Romance, where the fabric of time intertwines with a love unbounded by age or years. Explore the twists of fate and the convolutions of time as Julia Boatwright, a southern debutante of 1948, is catapulted seventy years into a future unbeknownst to her.

💫 **From Southern Elegance to the Echoes of the Future…**
Julia, adorned with a life of affluence and the promise of love with her fiancé Phillip, is plunged into the unknown as she traverses the portals of time, leaving behind a world of certainty and stepping into an era where the moon shelters the keys to time’s greatest secrets.
🌌 **A Race Against Time for Love and Existence…**
The enigmatic Commander Adams desires to harness the essence of time, seeking to dominate with a knowledge unknown to man. Julia, the bearer of time’s mysteries, is caught in a battle where every tick of the clock is a step towards destiny. With the assistance of time tracker Ruben Callaway and his ensemble, Julia voyages through parallel realms in a quest to reunite with her love, Phillip.
🌟 **A Tale of Love Unfurling & Time Unraveling…**
Will Julia traverse the time loops and untwine the threads of her fate before the sands of time run out? Click the link to plunge into this thrilling journey and uncover the enigma of Spinning Time: A Time Travel Romance by USA Today bestselling author D.F. Jones. Discover a story filled with breathtaking plot twists, heartwarming romance, and characters that linger in your heart long after the last page has turned. Experience the exhilaration of love transcending time in this unforgettable time-travel adventure!

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Twisting Time

(a time travel adventure)

Read in Kindle Unlimited!

From USA Today Bestselling author D.F. Jones, “Twisting Time: Forbidden City of Gold” is a riveting fantasy novel that seamlessly blends cosmic love, myths and legends, and divine intervention with high-stakes adventure. At its heart lies the Supreme Creator’s deep-seated desire to create unity with his divine family and humanity.

When the heavenly council member Soal, representing the Holy Trifecta, amplifies their network of warriors across the universe, an unsuspecting group of college students finds themselves invited into a secret society. The secret society offers them the allure of powers and the answers to some of life’s enigmatic questions. This leads to four students – Blaine, Josephine, George, and Rose – being thrust into an ancient conflict. Trained and guided by seasoned angel warriors, their mission is to retrieve a sacred amulet and deliver it back to the Almighty.

Their quest, however, isn’t straightforward. They must journey into the mythical Forbidden City of Gold, abandoned and sealed since the infamous Tower of Babel rebellion. Here, they encounter portal doors that can lead to the past, and the ultimate door leads to the Supreme Creator – each choice may determine not only their personal fate but the fate of humanity itself, and an incorrect choice could trap them in another time and place. Failure is not an option.

Parallel to this runs the sinister plot of Persephone, a lesser god. She yearns for the same sacred amulet and its power to rewrite history, free herself from an unwanted marriage to Hades, and allow the lesser gods to continue their rule over Earth.

“Twisting Time: Forbidden City of Gold” spirals towards a climactic clash between the divine hierarchy, humanity, and the lesser gods. The world’s fate hangs in the balance in this heart-pounding, emotion-imbued fantasy thriller between good and evil.

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ATTRA Chronicles

(a Spinning Time short story)

🌌 **Embark on a Galactic Voyage with ATTRA Chronicles 1: A Spinning Time Short Story. A Tale of Courage, Love, and Intergalactic Revelations! ** 🌌
✨ **Return to Lunar City…**
Join the daring Commander Ruben and his lovable extraterrestrial pup, Klock, as they traverse through galaxies, unravel mysteries, and face the formidable Reptilian Hybrids. After securing intergalactic peace by apprehending a notorious criminal, Ruben and his team, including Charlie and Saira, find themselves entrenched in an interspecies conflict that tests their resolve, courage, and bonds.
💖 **Love in the Midst of Turmoil…**
Ruben, straddling worlds and responsibilities, faces his own internal battle—a profound love for Charlie. When a confrontation takes a drastic turn, leaving Charlie on the brink, Ruben’s unspoken feelings and fears surface, thrusting him into a vortex of emotions and realizations. And Charlie, strong yet vulnerable, grapples with her deepening feelings for Ruben and a destiny untold.
🌀 **Journey Beyond Time and Space…**
From the enigmatic time portals of Woodstock to the aristocratic realms of Olzin, Ruben and Charlie delve into adventures and uncover revelations that transcend time and alter futures. Their mission to protect Cradon from Olzin unravels truths and possibilities that could reshape their and their team’s destinies.

💫 **A Battle for Love and the Future…**
Will Charlie’s resilience hold against Ruben’s hesitations? Will the unfolding revelations reshape their paths? Dive into this enthralling saga by clicking the link and witness the interplay of love, sacrifice, and destiny in a universe where time is a puzzle and love is the constant. Explore the realms of science fiction, fantasy, and time travel adventure where every choice echoes through the galaxies, and every moment is a step towards the unknown!
🛸 **Genres** YA Time Travel, YA Science Fiction Fantasy, Time Travel Adventure—with a Talking Alien Dog named Klock!

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Ruby’s Choice

The Dreamer (Ditch Lane Diaries 1)

🌟 **Embark on a Celestial Journey with USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones’ Debut Novel, Ruby’s Choice! ** 🌟
👼 **Love Angels? ** Dive deep into the ethereal world where celestial beings navigate through the realms of reality, unveiling a tale that goes beyond mere existence!
Set against the vibrant backdrop of the late 1970s, Ruby and her best friends Anna and Sandy uncover a secret chamber within the enigmatic Campbell Ridge Cave. Here, an otherworldly crystal skull adorned with twinkling sapphire eyes and mysterious gemstones lay, waiting to reveal secrets of the universe and unlock supernatural powers within our heroines!
🌌 **A Timeless Battle Unfolds! **
Their serendipitous discovery is a portal to an ancient and unrelenting battle between angels of light and demons of darkness, a celestial war echoing through the millennia. Visions of the future permeate Ruby’s dreams, guiding her to thwart a demonic possession, thereby saving a friend from eternal damnation.

📚 **Meet the Guardians of the Realm:**
1. **Ruby’s Choice (The Dreamer)**
2. **Anna’s Way (The Healer)**
3. **Sandy’s Story (The Soul Reader)**
4. **Lee’s Lesson (The Messenger)**
5. **Angel Watcher (A Ditch Lane Diaries Short Story)**

Each book unfolds the unique destinies of our heroines as they encounter their guardian angels. United, they embark on celestial voyages to vanquish Luc and his legion of demons, safeguarding the world from descending into eternal shadows.
🌠 **What Readers are Saying: **
“I was enchanted by the era, the setting, and above all, by Ruby! The characters resonate with authenticity, the dialogue flows naturally, and the subtle hints of the supernatural introduce a tantalizing twist, enticing one to delve deeper into this distinct and captivating series.”
📖 **”Ruby’s Choice” is a magical symphony of love, friendship, and divine encounters**, offering readers a front-row seat to witness the clash between light and darkness. **Are you ready to choose your side in this celestial dance? **
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Anna’s Way

The Healer (Ditch Lane Diaries 2)

🌟 **Dive into the Supernatural with USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones’ Unputdownable Anna’s Way: The Healer! 🌟**

📚 **Step into a World of Angelic Intrigue & Demon Battles!**
With an ensemble of mysterious angels, demonic entities, and pulsating romances, D.F. Jones weaves a spellbinding tale filled with unexpected twists and heart-stopping turns, ensuring the pages keep turning!
**Anna’s Way: The Healer is a riveting concoction of romance and the supernatural, transporting readers into the vibrant world of Anna, a woman destined for extraordinary endeavors. It’s a journey brimming with emotions, so have some tissues at the ready! **
🔮 **The Power of Healing Awaits! **
Meet Anna, who encounters the enigmatic archangel Raphael. Granted the divine ability to heal, Anna evolves into a formidable demon slayer, wielding her powers to shield her loved ones. Her path diverges from her first love, Jerry, as she embarks on her medical studies, unearthing the true essence of strength within the bonds of friendship.
💔 **A Tale of Lost Love & Eternal Bonds! **
As fate intertwines with the supernatural, Anna receives word from Ruby about Jerry’s impending nuptials to a woman overshadowed by the demon of jealousy. With her guardian angel by her side, Anna channels her celestial gifts to rescue Jerry, unveiling the profound depths of magical healing in this enthralling saga of love, friendship, and supernatural encounters.
🌌 **What Awaits is a Symphony of Enchantments! **
Engulfed in celestial battles and passionate reunions, Anna’s Way: The Healer is a labyrinth of the extraordinary. It pulls readers into its magical core and leaves them yearning for more of this unique and imaginative creation.
🌠 **Join Anna on this Thrilling Journey! **
**Experience the wonders of divine interventions and the boundless realms of magical healing in this exciting supernatural tale of enduring friendships and timeless romance. **
👉 **Click the link and plunge into the mystical realms of Anna’s Way: The Healer now! Will you join Anna in her celestial dance against the shadows? **
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Sandy’s Story

The Soul Reader (Ditch Lane Diaries 3)

🌟 **Dive into the Mystical Battle of Love and Power with “Sandy’s Story” by USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones! 🌟**
🔮 **In the Shadows of Secrets and the Battle of Worlds! **
“I have a confession to make. Last night, as you gave me your heart, I didn’t offer mine in return…” D.F. Jones crafts a tale of divine encounters, hidden secrets, and an age-old battle between angels and demons in the captivating Sandy’s Story: The Soul Reader, the third installment in the revered Ditch Lane Diaries series!
📚 **“Absolutely Brilliant! The Ditch Lane Diaries series is really something special! Sandy’s Story just might be the best one yet!”** – Kaylin Beach, Amazon Reviewer
💔 **A Heart Between Two Worlds! **
We all harbor secrets, shielding our hearts from the inevitable pain of love. Sandy Cothran, an investigative TV journalist, unveils a murder in Music Row, Nashville, and soon finds herself entwined with her guardian angel, Baldric, in a dance of spark and undeniable chemistry.
💥 **The Collision of Angels and Demons! **
While exploring the shadows, Sandy uncovers Luc’s sinister Testament of unholy magic, revealing the source of his dark powers. Her journey takes a dangerous turn as she becomes Luc’s captive, marked to become one of his brides. Yet, with Baldric’s love and the supernatural aid of devoted friends, a plan brews to liberate her from the chains of darkness.
🌌 **An Epic Battle for Love! **
Baldric stakes everything in a celestial duel to rescue Sandy from the lurking shadows as Luc, the harbinger of darkness, readies his fatal strike. Joined by Ruby, Anna, and Lee, along with heaven’s warrior angels, they engage in a monumental clash against Luc and his demonic legion.
💫 **Embark on this Celestial Journey! **
Sandy’s Story: The Soul Reader is a labyrinth of love, secrets, and divine encounters meticulously woven by D.F. Jones. It’s a journey through the ethereal battlefields of good and evil, wrapped in the enduring bonds of love and friendship.
👉 **Ready to Unveil the Secrets? Click the link and plunge into the ethereal realms of Sandy’s Story: The Soul Reader! Experience the celestial dance between love and power and witness the epic battle against the shadows! **
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Lee’s Lesson

Warrior Angel

🌟 **Embark on an Enchanting Journey with this incredible angel series, Ditch Lane Diaries, by USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones! 🌟**
🔮 **A Mesmeric Tale Set in 1950 Everglade, Tennessee! **
Dive deep into a realm where love, friendship, and magic intertwine in the renowned angel series, the last entrancing installment in the Ditch Lane Diaries, Lee’s Lesson: The Messenger. Here, Lee Campbell encounters a revelation that reshapes her existence when a divine messenger reveals her hidden celestial lineage, unearthing her powerful supernatural abilities!
💫 **A Quest through the Shadows! **
With her newly discovered powers, Lee embarks on a perilous journey to liberate innocent souls ensnared by Hades, plunging into a world where the line between life, love, and the afterlife blurs.
💑 **A Love Untangled in Celestial Battles! **
Harry Glenn, the love of Lee’s life, returns from the Korean War, skeptical of Lee’s newfound reality, until an encounter with a formidable angel transforms him into a believer, and he stands beside Lee in her celestial quest.
🌌 **Sacred Heights Sanatorium: The Battlefield of Souls! **
Love and souls converge at the precipice of danger in Sacred Heights Sanatorium, a realm governed by Luc’s Army of The Fallen. Armed with angelic reinforcements, Lee infiltrates Luc’s fortress, igniting a monumental battle between light and darkness as she risks it all, her soul included, to rescue a loved one. Will she triumph or descend into the abyss of Hell?

📚 **Note: **Ruby from book one is immensely fortunate to be the child of the courageous and loving Lee and Harry!
👉 **Ready to Witness the Final Battle? **
**Click the link to unravel the mysteries and experience the ultimate battle between love and eternal damnation in Lee’s Lesson: The Messenger! Journey through the magical landscapes and witness the eternal dance between destiny and desire, love and magic! **

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Ditch Lane Diaries

(Angel Series)

Read in Kindle Unlimited!

🌟 Dive into the Mystical World of the Ditch Lane Diaries Collection by USA Today Bestselling Author D.F. Jones! 🌟
Welcome to the enchanting realms penned by the acclaimed creator of the Ditch Lane Diaries Collection, offering readers a treasure of spellbinding narratives.
Meet Ruby, Anna, and Sandy—three inseparable friends whose bonds have withstood the sands of time. Embark on a thrilling journey as an ordinary cave exploration unveils a world of mystery through a divine crystal sculpture adorned with captivating sapphire eyes and otherworldly stones.
🔮 Each stone is a gateway to the unknown, awakening supernatural gifts and igniting unprecedented conflicts in their nation’s realm. Traverse through heavenly battles where Angels of Light and Demons of Darkness have been entwined in eternal conflict, spanning six thousand years.
United with their guardian angels, the trio forges alliances to banish the encroaching darkness from their communities, striving to protect their loved ones before the shadows engulf all in their path.
📚 Delve into their Individual Journeys:
Ruby’s Choice (The Dreamer)
Anna’s Way (The Dreamer)
Sandy’s Story (The Soul Reader)
Lee’s Lesson (The Messenger)
With every turn, explore realms of discovery, romance, and redemption, filled with enthralling storylines and unforgettable characters, each battling against the devious Luc and his legion of demons.
The Ditch Lane Diaries Collection intricately weaves tales of Christian and YA fantasy, depicting the perpetual warfare between angels and demons and the awakening of supernatural powers within. Don’t miss this chance to uncover the radiant stories within this mesmerizing series and experience the celestial buzz surrounding it!
🌌 Genre: Christian Fantasy, YA Fantasy, Angels & Demons, Supernatural Powers, Spiritual Warfare with romantic elements. For readers 18+
➡️Immerse yourself in the supernatural battles and divine revelations with Kindle Unlimited!

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Angel Watcher

(Ditch Lane Diaries short story)

🌠 **Discover a World Reshaped by Apocalypse in Angel Watcher: A Ditch Lane Diaries Short Story by USA Today Bestselling Author, D.F. Jones! 🌠**
🌌 **When the Heavens Converge with a Post-Apocalyptic Earth…**
In a world ravaged by celestial beings and reshaped by cataclysm, “Angel Watcher” unveils a tale of forbidden love and relentless survival. Kaduntz, the vigilant Angel Watcher, witnesses humanity’s obliteration as the Angel of Destruction unleashes the Four Horsemen, bringing forth prophecies from eons past.
🌑 **The Search for the Remnants of Humanity…**
Decades amidst the ruins, Kaduntz embarks on a quest to Campbell Ridge, following whispers of surviving humans. Her reality shatters and rebirths as her gaze intertwines with a striking and defiant angel hybrid, Cord Jackson, sending electric pulses dancing through her, awakening echoes of forgotten emotions.
👁 **Eyes Intertwined, Destinies Entangled…**
Cord, the guardian of the remnants of humanity, recognizes the legendary leader of the Angel Watchers from his dreams and ancestral songs. A timeless link activates with a mere touch of hands, entwining their fates. Can the renowned Kaduntz find eternal love in the embrace of an angel hybrid?
🌟 **A Forbidden Dance between Time and Eternity…**
Dive into the realms where eternal beings and humans dance on the edge of time and love, eternally intertwined, teetering between desire and destiny. Can the keeper of celestial watchfulness find eternal solace in the arms of a hybrid angel, or will their destinies unravel in the remnants of a world long gone?
👉 **Embark on a journey through celestial love and remnants of humanity! Click the link to explore the entangled destinies and unravel the mysteries of love and survival in the celestial world of Angel Watcher: A Ditch Lane Diaries Short Story by D.F. Jones! **
Available in eBook & Audio Read on Amazon

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Happily Ever After, Again

(Ghost Murder Mystery)

Read in Kindle Unlimited!

🌟 **Unearth the Secrets of the Afterlife in This Riveting Ghost Murder Mystery: A Tale of Love, Redemption, and Unyielding Courage! ** 🌟
👻 **Journey to a Realm Beyond the Living…**
Prepare to traverse the unseen realms and unearth mysteries shrouded in shadows in a tale where the echoes of love transcend the bonds of life and death. “The Spirit of True Love Never Dies,” a gripping ghost murder mystery, draws you into a web of passion, betrayal, and ethereal whispers, immersing you in a journey of love, redemption, and exploration of the human soul’s darkest desires.
🔍 **A Heroine Unbound, A Love Unforgotten…**
Meet Lauren Drake, a resilient heroine shackled by the pain of her husband’s untimely demise. As the echoes of betrayal reverberate through the corridors of her soul, Lauren delves deep into the labyrinth of lies to unveil the face of her husband’s murderer—was it his best friend, business partner, or assistant?
🌌 **A Ghostly Companion in the Shadows…**
Guided by the spectral presence of Bratten Drake, her beloved, Lauren embarks on a perilous pursuit of truth, navigating a world interwoven with the essence of the afterlife. Bratten’s ethereal embrace bestows upon Lauren the strength to embrace life anew and the courage to unveil the sinister secrets lurking in the shadows.
🌹 **A Dance between Love and Mortal Peril…**
With every pulse of her heart, Lauren’s unwavering resolve to uncover the murderer unfolds a tapestry of tragic beauty and relentless determination. In her relentless pursuit, Lauren discovers the fragments of joy and the boundless realms of love, proving that true love is a force unyielding, a flame eternal.
💔 **A Tale of Love Unyielding & Mysteries Unveiled…**
Click the link to step into a world where the spirits of eternal love guide a woman’s journey through the enigma of betrayal and violence. Experience the mesmerizing dance of souls entwined and witness the blossoming of love in the shadows of the unseen. Get ready to unravel the mysteries and experience the breathtaking tale of eternal love!

Available in eBook & Print Read on Amazon

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‘Tis The Season

(Sweet Romance)

‘Tis the Season of the Heart!

Baking cookies, trimming the tree and falling in love with sprinkles of Christmas magic in a collection of six sweet romance short stories.

‘Tis the Season hits the spot with romance readers looking for a light and sweet holiday read.

Small Town Rural, Magical Midnight Rides, and First Kisses bringing joy, happiness, and unforgettable romance with this group of award-winning and talented authors.

Available in eBook & Print Read on Amazon

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Antique Mirror

(A Witches of Hant Hollow short story)

✨ **Discover the Enigmatic World of “Antique Mirror” by USA Today Bestselling Author, D.F. Jones** ✨
🌟 **A Mirror to the Past…**
Victoria, an aspiring artist with visions of creating a haven for her art, moves into a quaint farm, enticed by its potential and the serene solitude it offers. Yet, the antique mirror left behind by the previous owners’ harbors more than reflections—it’s a portal to a curse, shadows, and a tale untold for over a hundred years.
🔮 **A Mysterious Entity…**
Days cascade into mysteries as shadows dance within the mirror over the fireplace. One enchanting evening, the reflections morph into Jonathan, a man ensnared within the glass, living a liminal existence. But is Tori’s mind playing tricks on her fueled by the flickering fire and her martinis, or has the mirror truly come alive?
💫 **A Journey Through Time…**
Curiosity mingled with a sense of the unreal leads Tori to touch the mirror, pulling her into a world where time is a distant echo. The desire to return home intensifies with Jonathan being her only companion in this realm. But Jasmine, a young witch with dark intentions, holds the strings of fate and time.
🌌 **A Race Against Shadows…**
With suspense weaving through every moment, Victoria and Jonathan navigate through time, curses, and shadows to find their way back. Will Victoria be the beacon of hope for Jonathan’s escape, or will Jasmine’s dark magic keep them ensnared forever?
🌠 **Your Portal to Enchantment…**
Step into a world where every reflection holds a secret, and every moment is a dance between curse and freedom. Click the link to unravel the mysteries of “Antique Mirror,” a story filled with suspense, romance, and enchanting twists. If you love the mystical journey, the Witches of Hant Hollow series awaits to enthrall you further!
🌟 **Praise for Antique Mirror: **
“I happily give this book a 5-star rating! Highly recommended to those who like quick reads with a little suspense and romance.”

Available in eBook Read on Amazon

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D.F. Jones

USA Today Bestselling Author

USA Today Bestselling Author, D. F. Jones began her career as a broadcast consultant at the ABC Affiliate in Nashville, which led her to open an advertising agency. Over the years, she's created many campaigns for clients, but she fell in love with writing fiction.

D. F. Jones is happily married to the love of her life. They have two gorgeous sons whom she loves and adores. She loves to laugh, and her husband keeps her in stitches! She's a fan of the Tennessee Titans, MT Blue Raiders, and enjoys working in her flower gardens.

Whether it's angels or demons, time travel adventures, witches and wizards, or ghosts, her books are action-packed with supernatural and romantic elements.