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October 1971: A Life-Altering Journey

Dear Readers,

As we embrace the changing colors of October, I wanted to share a personal journey that forever altered the course of my life. It was in October 1971 that my parents experienced a tragic car accident coming home from a Wednesday night prayer meeting. I was supposed to have gone with them. I pleaded to stay home to do schoolwork.

I vividly recall those nights when hushed voices and whispers filled our kitchen. It was a time of confusion for me, not comprehending the tears and sorrow surrounding us. 

In the wee hours of that morning, my Aunt Ellen guided me back to bed, shielding me from unfolding events. I was a young child thrust into a world of uncertainty and challenges.

In the days, months, and years that followed, I learned about the extensive injuries my mother had suffered. She overcame many of them but developed trauma-related dementia in her middle sixties. 

The struggle to adapt to our new environment was immense, and the scars of those early years still lingered, but amidst the chaos and darkness, I found solace in the pages of books. Reading became my refuge, a means to escape reality. 

I even tried my hand at creativity, crafting a play based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for school. While I thought it was a masterpiece, it was met with a different reception. Ha!

However, during this time, I discovered the power of words, thanks in part to the school secretary, Mrs. Manning. Together, we birthed The Rocket, our school paper. Those were the days when copies were made using Mimeographs, and who could forget the intoxicating fumes of ink infused with methanol and isopropanol? Students sniffing papers. 

Through writing, reading, music, and prayer, I found sanctuary. I developed coping skills in those years that still serve me today. When reality becomes too overwhelming, I retreat into the worlds crafted by words, allowing the power of imagination to heal and console.

In retrospect, while some memories are painful, they have shaped me into who I am today. Those seeds of resilience and faith, planted in my childhood, continue to bloom.

My mother and I shared a deep and loving bond. I thank God daily for my mom and dad. Mom was my best friend and my confidant. We shared countless moments of laughter, and I miss her and Dad. 

So, as we embark on the changing seasons, let us remember that even in the darkest times, there is a light within us, fueled by faith and the power of storytelling, ready to guide us through life’s trials.


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