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Do Modern-Day Heroes Still Walk Among Us?

Indeed, they do. Heroes aren’t just caped figures in blockbuster films; they are ordinary people who rise to extraordinary circumstances, often at their own peril.

Imagine a dedicated employee serving at a sprawling apartment complex. One day, as he conducts his rounds, desperate cries echo from an adjacent building. Racing around a corner, he finds a distressed young couple, both bloodied, with one visibly pregnant. Without hesitation, he steps in.

A wave of serenity envelops him as he approaches the volatile scene. Speaking in measured, soothing tones, he successfully ensures the pregnant individual finds safety. Minutes that feel like hours tick by, and as the first responders finally make their appearance, the scene has already stabilized. He realizes the gravity of what he’s just navigated only when the adrenaline recedes.

That hero is my son. As I replay the events in my mind, I shudder to think how differently things could have unfolded. I’m forever grateful for the unseen guardians that must’ve watched over him.

It’s a reminder that our world is a mosaic of hidden layers and energies. Let’s choose to recognize and embrace the positive, radiant forces that surround us.

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In a recent newsletter, I opened up about my best friend, who’s currently battling health issues. From our freshman years to now, we’ve celebrated life’s highs and leaned on each other during its lows. Our journey has been filled with laughter, milestones, and even some mischievous moments. I kindly request that you hold her and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

Warmest wishes, DJ