Details on New Mega Giveaway inside, Summer Sale, Project update, and Special guest authors

Hello all!

I trust everyone is enjoying summer. 

As a writer, my daily word count increases at the end of June. I intend to release my new project late this year, but I want to take my time with the development process. I’ll keep my newsletter subs informed of my progress and hope to release the title and cover reveal in September.

Have you ever read The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell?

It’s a beautiful book I’ve used for several years developing content. George Lucas used his theory with Star Wars. 

During the writing process, my imagination gets wild. Even though I have a rough outline, the characters often take me in a completely different direction. I love high fantasy, but I don’t like long page counts! Ha!

I worked in broadcasting for a few decades so  I can tell a story quickly. As an author, I have learned that the details are the meat of the novel. I have an excellent critique team, and with their help, I’m learning to expand the particulars. As a reader with attention deficit disorder (ADD), I often skim over long, exhaustive descriptions, so I’ve learned that every word must count.

Listed below, you will find summer sales, other authors, and group promotions.

On the horizon, Viral Builder Giveaway, Game of Thrones (Fantasy), starts July 3rd and runs through July 19th. I will feature on July 4th.

Happy Reading! 

“May Love Light the Way!”

Thank you for purchasing and reading my books. I am grateful and trust you enjoyed the stories. Please take five minutes to share with friends or family or leave a review online.

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