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Fantasy has always been a genre I love writing and exploring. I’m thrilled to share an update on my new fantasy manuscript, which is an exciting YA Time travel fiction set in a Christian fantasy world. It’s been a long and challenging journey getting all the details and characters aligned, and  I’m making progress. 

I will share the blurb and cover after I have completed the project and have a preorder date. I know many fans want to read it tomorrow, but the story deserves time to cultivate. I trust to release it in the fourth quarter of the year if all goes well.

I will offer a hint if you love ‘Warrior Nun’ on Netflix, you will love it! 

For new readers, I write alternating points of view. My characters embark on a daring adventure through various time periods. Along the way, they face tremendous obstacles, confront powerful forces of evil, and find love in unexpected places. The reader will be transported to an exciting new world of mystery and wonder with every twist and turn!

Happy Reading this week!

“May Love Light the Way!”

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