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I love the Christmas season. It is a time for miracles. 

Currently, I’m listening to an audiobook by Billy Graham, “Angels,” which was initially published in 1975. I have been researching angels for about eight years, and I agree with much of the angelic content. 

I believe in angels. Not the angels of fiction but the ones in the Bible. Angels are mentioned around three hundred times in the scriptures. They are mighty messengers sent by The Creator to help humanity.

I don’t worship angels, but I am in awe of them. I reserve devotion to the Holy Trinity. However, my family and I have been recipients of their intervention. 

One example: I woke in the dead of night smelling smoke like tires on fire. I went through the house and the attic, then looked out at the detached garage. I couldn’t find any sign of flames or smoke. 

Part of me knew I should wake my husband. Instead, I went to bed. I’m a light sleeper, but that night it was as if someone placed a hand on my back, and I fell into a deep sleep. 

The next thing I hear in the morning is my husband screaming to get the kids out of the house. Our detached garage was full of smoke.

As the fire department asked questions, I told the fire captain about smelling rubber burning and that I should have woken my husband. 

The captain said if my husband had opened the door, it would have blown him to kingdom come and probably our house too. It was a new garage and, thankfully, airtight. The fire burned itself out. Everything inside was ruined, including vehicles, numerous gas cans, and other flammable items.

I have never, to my knowledge, seen an angel in physical form, but I knew my angel put me into a deep sleep that night. 

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrew 13:2 

I’m not trying to convince or convert; I merely share my thoughts. 

I tend to have an open mind about holy angels, especially during the season when my family and I celebrate the birth of Christ.


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