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Developing audiobooks for many small press and independent authors is cost prohibitive. Narration for novels may cost anywhere from $2,000  to $5,000+ based on the number of production hours used. Instead of thousands, A.I. is a fraction of the cost. 

A.I. technology is evolving rapidly and may give writers and authors an affordable way to include audiobooks in their catalogs. 

So, I’m testing a short story with one such company. I’ve played with the program the last several days, and with my broadcast background, I’ve learned a few tricks to work around punctuation and inflection. 

Other pitfalls: Rendering time. I have little patience, so that’s driving me up the wall. But, I should be able to shorten the time once I become more proficient. 

Lastly, Amazon doesn’t allow A.I. narration uploads. This is due to ACX and Kindle (text-to-speech enabled). Hopefully, they will ultimately allow it once the software is perfected.

iBooks, Kobo, and more accepts A.I. 

I love the versatility of using twenty different voices, and one hundred and twenty languages are available. 

It also has cloning abilities that I may try my Tennessee Southern drawl if I get brave enough. Ha! 

I will reach out to a couple of my betas to test the new product once I finish. And if all goes well, I trust I’ll offer audiobooks to my listings in the not-so-distant future.
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